Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cop-out from Blogging About the Rest of My IVF Cycle

Obviously, I need to finish blogging about my IVF cycle, but I don't feel like it yet. So I grabbed this from Rocket City Rebel's Tumblr site:

Reblog and bold what applies to you.
• I’m loud.
• I’m sarcastic.
I cry easily.
I have a bad temper.
I’m easy to get along with.
• I have more enemies than friends.
I’ve smoked. (Twice in college)
I drink coffee. (Down to a cup a day instead of 12!)
• I clean my room daily.

My appearance:
I wear makeup. (If I’m leaving the house.)
I wear a piece of jewelry at all times. (Except in water, I inevitably at least have on earrings or my wedding ring)
• I wear contacts.
I wear glasses.
• I have braces.
• I change my hair color often.
• I have a piercing.
• I have small feet.

I’m in a relationship now. 
• I’m single.
I’m crushin’. (On the same person I'm in a relationship with! Yes, I know that's cheesy.)
I’ve missed an ex before.
I’m always scared of being hurt.
• I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t.
• I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.
I’ve been in love more than two times.
I believe in love at first sight.

I have a best friend.
• I have at least ten REAL friends. (I have lots of IRL friends, but my criteria for what is a REAL friend is rather stringent.)
I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
I’ve beaten up a friend.
I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.
• I can trust at least five people with my life.

I’ve been on a plane.
I’ve taken a taxi.
I’ve taken a city bus.
I’ve taken a school bus.
I’ve made a speech.
I’ve been in some sort of club.
I’ve won an award.
• I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight.

I listen to R&B.
I listen to pop.
I listen to techno.
I listen to rock.
I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until I hate it.
I download music.
• I buy CD’s. (Not anymore)

• I spend at least six hours a day watching television. 
I’m in love with Days Of Our Lives.
• I’ve seen and liked the O.C.
• I’ve seen and liked One Tree Hill.
• I’ve seen and liked America’s Next Top Model.
I’ve seen and liked CSI.

Family Life:
I get along with both of my parents.
• My biological parents are still together.
• I have at least one brother.
I have at least one sister.
I’ve been kicked out of the house.
• I’ve ran away from my home.
• I’ve sworn at my parents.
I’ve made my parents cry.

Whoa, that section on Family Life was a little weird!

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  1. Some interesting facts about you!

    Don't feel like you need to blog about your IVF cycle. It takes time and even then, it may be better to keep moving forwards instead of looking backwards. It's so hard, I know.

    Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you.