Saturday, March 20, 2010

Austin: Observations at a sidewalk cafe

I came to Austin, Texas for three reasons:

1. To visit DH while he is here for two and a half weeks for work. We haven’t been apart from each other for longer than 4 nights since the summer I went to an international law program in Salzburg-right before we moved in together almost six years ago. Since I am self-employed and currently keeping my workload to a minimum, I thought it would be a good idea to visit him on this work trip.

2. To TTC! It turns out his work trip was scheduled just perfectly to MISS our ENTIRE fertile window this cycle, by several days each side of said window. So, if I didn’t come visit him here, we would have zero chance of getting pregnant this month. To those not dealing with infertility, you might not think one month is a big deal. When you have spent 25 cycles trying to get pregnant, and 5 months being pregnant, having a miscarriage and recovering from that miscarriage, you’re turning 34 this month, DH has challenged spermies, this is your last chance for a 2010 baby, and you only have two more months to get pregnant before the doctors officially will diagnose you as being of “Advanced Maternal Age” (“AMA”) me, one month IS a BIG DEAL.

3. To get the heck outta dodge. I get the travel bug a few times each year. I start spending copious amounts of time on the internet researching random trips to various parts of the world, trying to figure out a practical way to fit a trip into our lives and our budget. It drives me bonkers not being able to go, and once the bug hits, the longer I have to go without traveling, the more I obsess over it, the less productive I am, and the more annoying I am to DH.

So, here I am, spending nine days in Austin, Texas, and it just happens to be during the South by Southwest music festival. This is apparently a huge industry event, and an already uniquely odd city is now teeming with wacky music-types. Being in this place and time has led me to certain observations.

One afternoon, I found myself writing this as I experienced it:

Sitting at an open sidewalk cafe, giant
Glass doors open to the world of the intersection next door. Eating
Spicy hummus wrap and drinking rosy-red hibiscus tea, watching
Bikers pull away, listening
To the dried-up and wannabe rockers dream lives away, hearing
Three different bands in the distance. One
Jazz, one rapping away, one with a grungy sound trying
To absorb all other vibrations.
But one more thing is necessary.


  1. You really have a way with words. I'm glad that you are blogging again. I have been learning so much from your posts.